AFTERMARKET is a transmedial work-in-progress that analyzes NARCISSISM in the digital age. It is a creation process moving from text writing to staging as live cinema, where the "dramatic" text is based on the notes of the author. Narcissism is seen as the result of the objectification of people as objects of production and consumption, as well as the development and massification of digital technology, the logic of obsolescence and the boom of social networks. The immediacy of digital life, the possibility of becoming an image and the voice in a virtual universe have abolished the frontiers of what is public and private, exposing the intimacy of the body.

Director: Raúl Miranda
Cinematography/editing: Francisco Navarrete Sitja
Performance: Lander Patrick
Music: Sebastian Jatz Rawicz
Producer: Minimale films.
Residence: O Espaço do Tempo, Montemor-o-Novo
Support: O Espaço do Tempo
Portugal 2019.