(a propósito de Cocteau)

MINIMALE FILMS /  del 10 al 15 de Enero de 2012

10°Bienal de Videos y Artes Mediales de Chile.

LIVE CINEMA: Cortometraje, Performance e Instalación Audiovisual (mapping)  como una  traducción visual contemporánea del imaginario del artista francés Jean Cocteau. Esta obra transdiciplinaria nace a partir del proyecto multidisciplinario  "La Belle et La Bête", proyecto convocado por el curador y director artístico Predrag Pajdic; y es consecuencia directa del documental “Un Actor” de Minimale. Este trabajo fue presentado como overtura de la 10° BVAM.


Dirección General y Concepto:  Raul Miranda.
Realizador Cinematográfico:  Ricardo Varas
Iñigo Urrutia El Caballo
Juan Pablo Auger El Boxeador
Diego Noguera El Poeta
Eduardo Paxeco La Sombra
Alejandro Sieveking La Voz
Sebastian Jatz Música
Claudia Hernández Texto
Trimex Mapping
Jorge Manzur Steadycam
Rafael Rivas - Raul Varas Técnicos
Maquillaje:  Marianela Lopez 
Locaciones:  Palacio Cousiño
Cerro Santa Lucia
México Boxing Club
Fotografía Eduardo Pavez



I am a lie that always tells the truth *




His energy:

The drive,

The drive of life and death

The passion and aggression.

Passion and aggression

to be subject to control...

Social control.

Passion and aggression

that live in that which is closer... closer to the mirror.

That being, who without being consulted

is thrown

is thrown into the culture

with the condition of emasculation

"What you've lost, look for it in the word"

Set forth to life

Accompanied by death.


The ominous horse

Gallops in man's body

which is only an image

An image that contains only the perpetual void of desire



I am a lie that always tells the truth


TWO ... The Boxer


Man in search of himself

He doesn't see or hear anyone.

What he seeks

He thinks he can find it in the mirror

He exercises his body in the ritual of pain.

Facing the other.

The other who hits back,

An other who is behind him.


He controls his force.

He tries to make it his own,

He clings to it.

He trains in order to protect himself.

He uses the body as a weapon,

And as a battlefield.

Lost battle.

Hands don't caress.

His sex is inert.

Cannot create or destroy.



With no sex and no hands

The word is articulated.

The same word he emasculated,...,

Sublime poetry surfaces.



I am a lie that always tells the truth




The poet knows.

Knows that expression, that expression is not enough

And thus he looks for it.

Looks for it in his palace...

That abandoned place.

Which carries and stresses the imprint of his trail.

Goes out looking for it.

Goes out looking for it and returns in the escape of what he looks for and does not find.


It is the shadow that hides the light of day,

Obscures what it seeks to illuminate.

Observes without being watched,

Sealing off his expansion,

Blocking its emergence.

After the ineffable day the night.


I am a lie that always tells the truth


The shadow.

The projection of himself standing between the limit and sun,

between the earth and the light.

Which carries half the energy.

Which allows the persistence of insatiable craving,

Which gives him to drink

to drink the life impossible to devour.

The fluid.

Lunar fluid.

Streaming music,

To the place of the body's energy

Which tries to express the passion

In whose back

Desire presents itself...


When walking through the door

The beast becomes graspable.

And life is over.




I am a lie that always tells the truth



 Text: Claudia Hernández Del Solar

Edition: Raul Miranda

Translation: Sebastian Jatz

* (Jean Cocteau)